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Daiho Corporation, since it`s establishment in 1949 by hydroelectric dam engineers, has become recognized as one of Japan`s most technology-oriented engineering and construction companies, mainly involved in heavy civil works such as hydroelectric dam, expressway, harbor, subway, and various foundation works for large structures.

For more than 70 years, Daiho has been particularly dedicated to the development and innovation of Shield (or TBM) tunneling and concrete caisson methods, having been involved in over 2000 urban tunneling projects for subway, cabling, and water supply & sewer systems by shield tunneling methods, and approximately 1800 deep excavations for large foundations by caisson methods.

In addition to traditional underground construction methods, Daiho Corporation has been involved in developing environmentally friendly technologies such as recycling of construction waste materials and by-products, soil de-contamination, and project life cycle concerns in order to comply with current environmental needs. Furthermore, Daiho has been an industry leader in developing and applying applied seismic technologies, which provide greater comfort and safety during earthquakes, protect human life and maintain property values especially for multifamily residential and school buildings.

We at Daiho Corporation will place a top priority on development and innovation of new and reliable technologies which contribute to sustainable growth, as well as contributing to the safety and comfort for present and future societies.
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