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CLT seismic wall construction method utilizing new wood materials


Outline of the
construction method

For this construction method, quake-resistant walls consisting of CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels, which are cross-laminated lumber, are installed in the frame made of reinforced concrete in order to ensure resistance against the horizontal forces generated in an earthquake and improve building safety.

Characteristics of the
construction method

Usable in various occasions

The pre-installation method is where the walls are directly embedded in the concrete structure, and the retrofit method is where the walls are installed using fittings after completion of the concrete structure; therefore, this method can be used not only for newly built houses but also for renovation, anti-seismic reinforcement.

Improve quake resistance

While woods can reduce the load by reducing the weight of the frame thanks to its small specific gravity, they have high component strength, which makes it effective in improving the quake resistance of buildings.

Realize space with texture of wood

By making the CLT quake-resistant walls visible, it can be used for both constructional materials and finishing materials, allowing for the design of a warm space thanks to the texture of the wood.

Contribution to decarbonization

The effective use of forest resources, sustainable procurement of forest resources, and carbon neutrality contributes to decarbonization.

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    Institute of Technology
    Chuo 8-5-1, Amimachi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki
    Construction period
    July 2019 to March 2020
    RC + Wood, two floors aboveground, Office
    Building area 473.43 m2 Gross floor area 771.89 m2