About Us

Company name
Head office
24-4, Shinkawa 1-Chome,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8289img
Description of business

1. Undertaking civil engineering and construction work

2. Design, supervision and consultation of civil engineering and construction works

3. Contracted to research, survey, and design hydroelectric power generation

4. Design and construction using the Pneumatic Caisson Method

5. Business related to design, manufacture, repair, sale and lease of construction machinery

6. Business related to real estate sales, leasing, management and brokerage

7. Research, design and consultation related to regional and urban development and other land use

8. Businesses related to environmental restoration, including soil and water purification

9. Industrial waste collection, transportation, treatment, and reuse businesses

10. Consulting services related to No. 8 and 9 above

11. Any and all businesses incidental to the items 1 through 10

March 31, 1949
Number of employees
1,056(as of March31,2024)
Construction license
License No. Permitted by the Minister of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism:(Toku-4) No.2520
Class 1 architect office
Head Office, Osaka
Registered as a building lots and buildings business operator
Registration No. The governor of Tokyo registration (14) No. 23310.
Registered as construction consultant
Registration No. The Minister of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism registration :(Ken06) No. 5186
Registered as a quarry contractor
Registration No. The governor of Tokyo quarry registration No.91
Environmental management (*)
ISO14001: 2015 Registration No. RE 0180 (excluding overseas businesses)
Quality management (*)
ISO 9001: 2015 Registration No. RQ 0159 (excluding overseas businesses)
Designated contractor
Designated agency for the investigation of soil contamination Assigned No. 2003-3-2072
(*) For ISO14001 and ISO9001 registration details in Japan, please visit the the website of Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials (JTCCM).

Company information

Activity policy

* In conformity with the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors' "Declaration of Respect for Labor Cost Estimates," Daiho Corporation requests primary subcontractors to submit estimates that clearly indicate adequate labor wages for construction technicians and honors them upon verification.