Prestressed/precast construction method

Construction methods for highly durable structures resistant to cracking


Outline of the
construction method

Prestressed/precast construction method is a method in which a building frame is manufactured by stressing PC steel material to add compression force in the factory for assembly on-site.

Characteristics of the
construction method

Consist of high-quality materials

The materials are manufactured under proper quality control in the factory, consisting of high quality and uniform materials. Moreover, superior durability is also ensured by the use of high-strength concrete.

Capable of shortening work period

Since materials are manufactured in the factory, it reduces on-site work, making it possible to shorten the work period.

Capable of creating flexible space

The introduction of prestress makes it possible to create long frame construction, allowing for large flexible space.

Our Works

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    (Provisional name) Chuo Unyu Co Ltd. Iwatsuki Logistics Center Plan
    Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama
    Construction period
    September 2017 to September 2018
    Pc + aPC 5 floors above ground
    Logistics Warehouse, Office
    Building area 7,705.68m2
    Gross floor area 19,612.26m2