Characteristics of Architecture Business

With its high technological capabilities, Daiho realizes both creative design and trusted functionalities of buildings, including apartments, logistic facilities, and factories while responding to the needs of the times at the same time.

Wood Structure Architecture Business

Utilizing CLT, Daiho proposes the safe use of wood that also leads to decarbonization.

BIM production system

By utilizing BIM, Daiho will continually improve productivity and the quality of design and construction even further.

Seismic isolation/vibration control construction method

The seismic isolation construction method and vibration control method are used as countermeasures against tremors of earthquake.

Prestressed/precast construction method

Prestressed/precast construction method is a method in which a building frame is manufactured by stressing PC steel material to add compression force in the factory for assembly on-site.

Seismic reinforcement-related technology

Daiho responds to customer needs throughout the whole process from consultation about seismic isolation to maintenance.