New Business of Daiho Corporation

At Daiho Corporation, we are undertaking new businesses in order to expand the business fields.
Along with the real estate development business, we are challenging various businesses in new fields.

Real Estate Development Business

With a wide range of menus from the acquisition and development of land, cooperative development with customers, and redevelopment, we undertake real-estate development with an optimum business plan taking land characteristics and market needs into consideration.

  • Rental Apartment

    The rental apartment business, which is not greatly affected by economic trends, can be a stable and profitable business.
    Foresta Saginomiya (Nakamura-minami, Nerima Ward) is a single-room apartment with 15 rooms, which uses CLT for the ceiling finishing material. Residents can relax in the living space where they can feel the warmth of the natural wood used for finishing.

  • Senior Apartment

    Senior apartment providing comfortable lives to healthy elderly people. With abundant menus and facilities for leading a comfortable senior life and adequate security measures in case of an emergency, it is expected that the need for senior apartments will continue to increase in future.
    Kurakuen Churakubo is the top-grade senior apartment in the series, located on a hill of Kurakuen, a high-class residential area. Under the concept of a guest palace in the forest, it is a high-class and highly satisfactory condominium, and you can see the Rokko Mountain Range from the window. It also provides natural hot spring Niteno-yu and a restaurant in addition to 123 rooms.

  • Logistic Facility

    Logistic facility While EC and mail order markets are rapidly expanding and the demand for logistic warehouses are high, new types of logistic facilities using IC and automation are still insufficient. Daiho Corporation has work experience using different construction methods, such as prestressed PC, RC + PC, and iron frame structures. Noda Specified Purpose Company (Noda City, Chiba Prefecture) is constructing a five-story large-scale logistic warehouse with rampway, which is about 115,600 m2 in gross floor area as a joint business with CBRE IM.

New-field Business

We are also undertaking new businesses other than the civil engineering architecture business and real estate development business.
We are going after businesses in new fields closely related to the construction business, such as regenerated energy, food production, wood production, and businesses using AI/ICT.

  • CLT Business (MEC Industry)

    We invested in the MEC Industry, a new business company with an integrated optimization model, which undertakes the entire process of wood from production, processing, and sales. The company is providing highly satisfactory products that actively employ wood materials produced in Japan by using CLT as the basic pillar faster at reasonable prices. They are also contributing to the positive spiral for the continuation of forest resources, as well as carbon neutrality through their businesses.