Seismic reinforcement-related construction method

Reinforcement construction method that protects buildings from tremor

Outline of the
construction method

January 17, 1995 Not to mention that the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake has destroyed numerous buildings and roads in an instant, it has caused even more victims. This great earthquake became an opportunity to review the quake resistance of buildings, and the Act on Promotion of Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings was enforced in December of the same year, which mandates diagnosis of quake resistance, reinforcement, and renovation of buildings. It is no need to say that we must prevent precious human lives from being lost, it is also important to protect proprietary value of buildings. As a country with frequent earthquakes, Japan needs seismic reinforcement measures to prepare for future large earthquakes. Daiho Corporation responds to customer needs throughout the whole process from consultation about seismic isolation to maintenance.

Characteristics of the
construction method


Lightweight materials make transfer and installation easy

Changes in shape and weight

With less change in shape after reinforcement, building weight hardly increases


Superior durability without being affected by chloride damage or alkali degradation