BIM production system

Process innovation utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling)


Outline of the construction method

The BIM production system is a system for continually improving the quality of design and construction, as well as productivity further, by building a digital information coordination using BIM for consistent workflow from design to construction. We aim to automate processes and collaborate with other industries through collaboration with established digital information and ICT technology.


Characteristics of the
construction method

Improve quality of architecture design

Through optimization of design that meets customer requirements through the acquisition of detailed information in the initial stage of the process, quality and efficiency of the project is increased.

Consensus building through visualization

Visualization of data using 3D models enables consensus building between designers and the construction department, as well as extraction of issues at an early stage.

Improve efficiency through coordination of ICT information<

This enables real-time data sharing and cooperation in multiple tasks, allowing people to immediately deal with suggestions and modifications in completing their duties.

Enhancement of safety measures and visualization of progress management

It is possible to consider safety measures and progress status in the construction stage in a more realistic manner, thereby reducing on-site adjustments and reconsideration.

Our Works

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    Institute of Technology
    Chuo 8-5-1, Amimachi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki
    Construction period
    July 2019 to March 2020
    RC + Wood, two floors aboveground, Office
    Building area 473.43 m2 Gross floor area 771.89 m2