Message from the President

Creating a future where people and
nature can coexist on earth as
engineering contractors

Since its founding in 1949, Daiho Corporation has contributed to the development of infrastructure that is crucial to society by consistently putting technological capabilities first.

The Pneumatic Caisson Method and Mud-pressure Shield Method developed by our company are ground-breaking technologies that represent the industry's state of the art. The solid position and trust we have earned within the industry as Daiho, the "technology specialists," is proof that the spirit of "Be honest, diligent, and technically superior to others without over-relying on sales or politics" that led some of engineers involved in the construction of the Fengman Dam in the former Chinese province of Manchuria, the world's second largest one at the time, to found the company on March 31st, 1949, has been handed down unchanged to this day.
Even in today's age of unpredictability and remarkable change, we are still convinced that "technology and trust" are universal constants still in demand, but their meaning is constantly evolving due to a diversity of values. We are determined to further pursue "technology" and "trust" and take on the challenge of contributing to the creation of corporate value and solving problems in order to bring about a sustainable society.

Representative Director, President and CEO

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