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Environmentally Friendly Technologies
Recycling Use of Dredged Materials
Treatment of Dioxin-contaminated Soil for Effective Use Major Works
Civil Engineering in Japan
Fire-Proof Cover for Tunnel Lining Protection Building in Japan
Recycling Use of Muck for Tunnel Invert
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Pneumatic Caisson
Shield Tunneling Methods
Earth-Pressure Balanced(EPB) Shield Method ("DK Method") Featuring Project
Taiwan High Speed Rail Project
Double O Tube Shield Method
("DOT Method")
DOT Shield Tunnel for Linear Motor System
DPLEX Shield Method
J-DPLEX Shield Method Site Report
Pipe Jacking Method
("DK Pipe Jacking Method")
DREAM for Bridge Foundation at Tokyo Bay Area
Re-usable DK Pipe Jack Shield Method ROAD CONSTRUCTION ON A SWAMP
Wave Mitigation Breakwater 8 Sets Iron-Mole in Full Operation in the Taipei Underground
Life Cycle Cost Cut Renovation of Apron of the Ivato Airport Commenced
Aseismatic Technologies
Structural Reinforcement Technologies
Vibration Control Technologies AWARDS
Seismic Isolation Technologies
Insulation & Durability Improvement