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Mar. 1949 Established with capital 5,000,000 yen
Mar. 1952 Registered patent of Daiho Caisson Method
Feb. 1962 Enlisted in Tokyo Stock Market (Secondary Sec.)
Jul. 1964 Commencement of 1st Overseas Dam Project in Iran
Jan. 1971 Registered patent of Daiho Dolphin Dock Method
Aug. 1972 Enlisted in Tokyo Stock Market (Primary Sec.)
Apr. 1975 Opened Office in Taiwan
Apr. 1978 Opened Office in Madagascar
Apr. 1979 Opened Office in Malaysia
Apr. 1980 Opened Office in Bangkok
Nov. 1984 Registered patent of Earth-pressure Shield Method
Jan. 1987 Registered patent of Multi-cutter Shield Method ("DOT")
Nov. 1993 Registered patent of Eccentric Multi-Axis Shield Method ("DPLEX")
Oct. 1994 Registered patent of Un-manned Full Automatic Pneumatic Caisson Method ("DREAM Method")
May. 1997 Awarded R & D Prize for DPLEX Shield Tunneling Method by Japan Civil Engineers' Association
Apr. 1999 Opened Office in Cambodia
Mar. 2000 Obtained ISO9001 Certificate for All Branches.
50th Anniversary for Establishment
May. 2000 Commencement of Taiwan High Speed Rail Civil Works Contract C220
Mar. 2002 Obtained ISO14001 Certificate for HQ & All Branches
Jul. 2002 Obtained ISO9001 Certificate for HQ
Apr. 2008 Opened Office in Dubai
Jun. 2013 Opened Office in Yangon, Myanmar
(*) For details of DOT, DPLEX, J-DPLEX and DREAM Method, please refer to "R & D and Technologies" below-mentioned.

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