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Taiwan High Speed Rail Project, which links Taipei and Kaohsiung (350km) in 90 minutes, has been implemented under the largest BOT scheme in the world introducing Japan's latest Shinkansen technologies. Whole civil works of the Project were distributed to major international contractors in the year 2000, divided into 12 sections. Daiho's section was located in Hsin Chu Prefecture, third section from the north. Revenue operation started in October 2006.

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1 Site Location: 80km from Taipei City, Hsin Chu Prefecture
2 Section Length: 17.78km
3 Client: Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
4 Type of Contract: Design & Build
5 Design & Construction Time: April 2000-July2004 (52 months)
6 Works:
1) Viaduct/Bridge: 9,284m (Pile ø 2.0m x 936 pcs)
  PC Box Girder; 8,746m, Warren Truss; 193m (2 spans)
  Composite; 345m (8 spans)
2) Tunnel(NATM): total length of 3,660m (11 tunnels)
3) Tunnel(CUT & Cover): 210m (1 tunnel)
4) Cut & Fill: 4,626m
5) Maintenance Line: 570m
(PC Box Girder)
(Warren Truss)
Cut & Fill Tunnel
(Cut & Cover)
1 Name of Station: Hsin Chu Station
2 Location: Chiu Pei City, Hsin Chu Prefecture
3 Client: Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
4 Designer: Mr. Chris Yao
5 Construction Time: July 2002 - October 2005
6 Works:
1) Structure: RC + Steel, 3 - stories
2) Building Site Area: 10,451m2
3) Total Floor Ares: 20,360m2
Overview Platform Interior
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