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Shield Tunnel Work for Tohbu Kyuryo Railway Line Fujigaoka Hanamizuki Section
The Tohbu Kyuryo Railway Line links key stations of Higashiyama Line which traverses the center of Nagoya City. There were sites of EXPO 2005 Aichi along the Railway Line. Total length of the Line was approximately 9km with 9 stations.

Tohbu Kyuryo Railway Line
This project was located in the congested outskirts of Nagoya City. Judging from underground & above ground geological conditions and existing underground structures, the employer, Aichi Prefectural Government, came to the conclusion that DOT (Double O Tube) method was the most suitable. Daiho Corporation utilized the shield tunnel system to complete the project to the employer`s satisfaction. Tunneling details are as follows;

1) Total Tunnel Length: 905m
2) Dimension of Tunnel Section: ø6.73m x W11.43m
3) Excavation Volume: 58,500m3
4) Reinforced Concrete Segment:
- W1200; 537 rings
- W900; 146 rings
5) Ductile Segment: W600; 206 rings
6) Construction Time: August 2003 - March 2005 (19 months)
Route Photo
For further details of DOT including technical aspects, please refer to the "R & D and Technologies."
Standard Layout
Segment Details
Segment Details
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