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The perspective of a primary school building. (Copyright(C) JICA)
Cambodia has recorded stable economic growth since the 1991 Paris Peace Accord that ended the long civil war from the 1970s. Under this circumstance, the Government of Cambodia requested the Government of Japan Grant Aid assistance to replace old buildings with new ones and to expand school facilities at 7 schools in Phnom Penh city. This project is the third (3rd.) phase of 4 divided phased primary school building construction projects.

By constructing 96 classrooms at the 7 Project schools, the school environment for about 12,000 students residing in the Project school catchment areas will be improved.
Project Name: The Project For Construction of Primary Schools in Phnom Penh (phase 3)
Location Map
Place: Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
The Client: Phnom Penh Municipality, the Kingdom of Cambodia
Construction period: March 2010 - March 2011
Outline of buildings
No. School Name Number of Classroom Stories Total Floor Area
1 Chak Ang Re Phum 2 20 4 1,708.97m2
2 Kork Banchorn 15 3 1,294.97m2
3 Toul Sangke 15 3 1,294.97m2
4 Wat Neak Voan 12 4 1,132.97m2
5 Wathanak Vichea 12 4 1,224.00m2
6 Sothearos 12 3 1,078.97m2
7 Sante Pheap 10 3 1,242.00m2
Total 96 | 8,976.85m2

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