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Perspective View of Markham Bridge
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Markham Bridge is located on the Wau road which connects major towns in MOROBE Province including Lae, the second largest in PNG. The Wau road is a trunk line for the transportation of local major products such as coffee, timber and gold. However the Bridge was damaged by a flood in March 2004. Project outlines are as follows;
Project Location Map [PDF:169KB]
Project Outlines:
Client: Department of National Planning & Monitoring, PNG
Fund: Grant Aid of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
Consultant: Chodai Co., Ltd.
Construction Time: January 2010 to February 2011
Bridge Length: 560m(net length for rehabilitation: 186.7m)
1) Repair of A1 abutment
2) Replace of four (4) piers
3) Repair and repaint of the handrails and guardrails
4) Pavement, slope protection, drain works of approach road
5) Repaint of steel girder
6) Repair of the bank protection

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