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Wave Mitigation Breakwater
Semi-circular Slit Caisson Method
To weaken sea waves and wave reflective forces as well, Daiho Corporation developed DAC (Daiho Wave Absorbing Caisson) by attaching semi-circular pipes to a concrete caisson with slits facing the incoming waves.
Our experiment recorded a 90% cut of reflective wave height and 50% cut of destructive force against the breakwater with the slit pipes installed by this Method. The function and durability of the breakwater were improved. At the same time, construction costs were drastically reduced, especially in the case of breakwater for deep sea ports, because large breakwater blocks were replaced by semi-circular slit pipes as illustrated below.
Section Comparison of Conventional Type and DAC
Section Comparison of Conventional Type and DAC
Image of Semi-circular Slit Caisson
Image of Semi-circular Slit Caisson
To verify the performance of the DAC, (mitigation ratio of reflective wave & wave forces), Daiho performed hydraulic experiments in collaboration with Dr . A. KIMURA, Professor of Engineering Dept., Tottori University.
The following are the dissertation on the experiment jointly published and announced by Messrs. Akira KIMURA & Yoshiharu MATSUMI, Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University and Mr. Fumio TADA, of Daiho Corporation, at the International Conference Coastal Structures '99 Santander/Spain/7-10 June 1999.
Title: A Slit Caisson with Half-Circle Wave Chambers & its Mechanism of Shock Pressure Reduction (374KB)
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