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One of the typical technologies for earthquake mitigation, is a brake damper system. Brake elements made of stainless steel plates mitigate seismic sway by allowing limited movement between structural elements, are installed at the cross point of columns and braces. The seismic energy absorbing function is further enhanced by fixing a plate spring in the system.

1) Excellent performance (Sway can be reduced by 1/3 or more.)
2) Wide range of application even to existing and low or high rise buildings.
3) Replacement or maintenance free due to strong restoration force even after severe earthquake
4) Outstanding cost performance

Brake Damper System

- Project & Location: Development of Shinmaruko East Sec., Kawasaki City, Japan
- Employer: Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd.
- Design: Jyukan, Inc.
- Use & Structure: Condominium (389 units), Hi-RC Structure, 24-stories
- Construction Time: Jul. 05 - Sep. 07 (27 months)
Shinmaruko East Sec., Kawasaki City, Japan

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