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Insulation of condominium or apartment buildings used to be done from the inside by interior insulation in most cases because of ease of construction and cost reduction. However some shortcomings of this method have been pointed out, such as formation of dewdrops on the inner wall, which causes generation of termite and harmful fungus. To overcome those shortcomings and to improve building durability as well, Daiho Corporation developed an exterior insulation method, which features inorganic insulation panels inside the exterior wall.

Use: Condominium (100 units)
Location: Tokyo
Employer: The Japan General Estate Co., Ltd.
Finishing: Tiling, Magic Coat
Exterior Insulation Area: 6000m2
Structure: Steel + R.Concrete
(Total Floor Area: 11,200m2)
Grand City Kami-Yoga
1) Construction No order-made material and special application technique is required.
2) Finishing Work Easier application of mortar etc.
3) Fire Proof Classified as non-flammable
4) Water Proof; Regarded as water proofing

Material; Calcium carbonate foaming board

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