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To realize further cost cut of machine and construction, we, together with Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology and machine manufacturer, started study in 1998 and developed jack-driven J-DPLEX as opposed to DPLEX driven by combination of motor and gear. J-DPLEX is developed by Daiho and successfuly applied to sewage tunnel project for the first time in the world.

Technical Aspect & Advantages:
1) Flexible cutting section shapes: round, square, oval, rectangular, horse shoe etc. (same as DPLEX)
2) Required cutter torque is smaller than conventional type and thus energy saving
3) Long distance continuous excavation without changing bit
4) Easier chemical injection for ground stabilization from machine inside
5) Price is lower than other conventional type incl. DPLEX
6) Machine length is smaller than other conventional type enabling smaller shaft
7) Power consumption for cutter drive is smaller than conventional type by 10~30%.
8) Easier transportation, assembly, disassembly and operation
Hydraulic jack's expansion & contraction
movement  is  changed  into  rotation
movement  by  crank.  Rotation  force  is 
transmitted to each driving axis through 
connection  disc.
Jack drive system is superior in minimized power consumption and less by-products as well.
Due to reduced power consumption, shorter and compact machine, it became possible to reduce total construction cost substantially.
J-DPLEX Shield Machine
Cutter Drive Portion
Machine & Cutter Drive Portion for Higashi-Ogu 2~6 Chome Sewage Tunnel,Tokyo (2004)

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