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New DREAM is a 100% un-manned construction system which evolved from a pneumatic caisson method. This System consists of ;
1) Excavation machinery maintenance lock by double slabs,
2) High performance caisson excavation machinery,
3) Elevator under normal pressure,
4) Large man lock above operation chamber,
5) DHENOX (*) inhalation system in an emergency case.
(*) Helium/Oxygen/Nitrogen Oxide mixed gas
The above 5 items are adjusted and combined depending on operation conditions. Operation by workers under pressurized conditions, dangers due to excavation & settlement, maintenance & repair of excavator, assembly & collection of machinery, and measurement of ground bearing capacity is completely replaced by un-manned remote operation.

Superiorities to Conventional Pneumatic Caisson:
1) Safety
2) No worker in pressurized chamber or improved working environment
3) Excavation cost reduction by 10%
4) Sharp reduction in construction time
5) The deeper excavation, the more cost and time savings
New DREAM System
Conventional Method New DREAM Method
Comparative Photos of Excavation Chambers; Conventional & "New DREAM Method"
Rainbow Bridge Foundation (1990) Shiratori Great Bridge Foundation (1993)
Mabuchi River Bridge Foundation (1999) Arakawa Pump Station (2003)

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