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2.1 DREAM method
The DREAM pneumatic caisson method was developed from 1987 with the concept of "Automatic operation and cost down". The outline of the method is as follows.
Excavating machines run on the rail fixed to ceiling slab (Ref. Figure-15)
Excavating machines are controlled with the monitoring TV's in the operation room above ground (Ref. Figure-16)
The excavation time is not limited since no-man is required to work underground under high air pressure, which can assure a more timely construction period.
Due to non-accident system for operation, several excavating machines in the same room can be operated and be controlled safely.
The DREAM method has been adopted to 40 projects so far.
The 1st project utilizing such excavation methods was the Tohoku Ohdan highway in Niigata in 1988 as a demonstration project.
Figure-15 Excavator on the ceiling
Figure-16 Operation room

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