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2.2 New DREAM method
The New DREAM method was improved from the DREAM method, with the concept of "Gentle method for human". The additional functions are as follows. (Ref. Figure-17)
Double slab man lock which gave wide space of lock.
Maintenance system of excavation machine which made work in atmosphere. (Ref. Figure-18)
High performance excavator which work for various kinds of soil.
Remote controlled Plate load Test which made no-man in high air pressure for the test. (Ref. Figure-19)
Elevator in atmosphere which made good for the worker's health.
Helium Mixed Gas system which made work under high air pressure available in the emergent case.
The above functions shall be selected and combined depending on the construction conditions.
Figure-17 New DREAM method functions
Figure-18 Maintenance work in atmosphere
Figure-19 Plate load test at the foundation in high air pressure
The 1st Project adopting the New DREAM method was a shield tunnel Vertical Shaft at Shohnan Yokohama in 2009.
Utilizing the above technologies, Pneumatic caisson method has drastically evolved and will be applied for many structures such as Bridge foundations, Chimney foundations, Pump stations, Shield shafts, Ponds for flood, Tunnels and Roads.

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