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Another aseismatic technology applied to buildings which has recently become popular, is the seismic isolation system. This system is usually applied to the building foundation by inserting rubber bearings between the foundation and the building bottom, which isolates the building superstructure from foundation sway during earthquakes. This technology has the following advantages;

1) Building sway is absorbed by 30~40%
2) Suitable for high-rise condominium and hospital bulding etc.
3) No maintenance is required.
Rubber Bearing with Square Lead Plug Type Sliding Rubber Bearing Type
- Project & Location:
"Le Chez Moi" Bentenjima, Shizuoka Pref., Japan
- Employer:
Sekisui Heim Tokai Co., Ltd.
- Design:
TOHATA Architects & Engineers/Daiho Corp.
- Use & Structure:
Condominium, RC Structure, 14-story
- Construction Time:
Oct 2003 - Feb 2005
Condominium "Le Chez Moi" Bentenjima

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