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To accommodate a recent increase of visitors from all over the world, and especially to welcome the heads of African nations to participate in the AU (African Union) annual meeting to be held in Madagascar in July 2009, the AEROPORT DE MADAGASCAR and TRANSPORT MINISTRY contracted with us to expand and renovate the existing apron of the Ivato International Airport. They also have a plan to upgrade VIP rooms in the terminal buliding.
Project Outlines:
Project Name: Ivato International Airport Apron Renovation & Expansion Works
Construction Time: August 2008 - March 2009
      Cut: 41,380m3
      Fill: 22,126m3
      Pavement with Geo-textile: 78,470m2
Safety management is important since the airport is operational during the construction. Cut & fill and aggregate production works have just been started.
Working hours are limited due to frequent international flights. Careful coordnation of working hours & location with the Employer is required.

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