Madagascar is an African island nation, with rich rare species of plants and animals since it is isolated from the African continent. It is said that the origin of the Malagasy people of Madagascar, results from immigration from South East Asian areas. Paddy fields are found all over the country since rice is a primary food staple, and rice consumption per capita is one of largest in the world. In recent years, rare metals such as nickel and titan have been found and a huge investment is being made in Madagascar by mining and refining industries.

Bero-sifaka, Unique Species to Madagascar Baobao Trees at Dawn
Both National Routes No.7 and No.2, which link Antananarivo and major sea Ports (Tulear & Tamatave), are major trunk roads for goods and food transportation and are confluent in Antananarivo causing heavy traffic congestion there. To improve traffic flow, a by-pass route of National Route No.7, was constructed by Daiho Corporation. Most of the by-pass road alignment was located in paddy field or swampy areas on the outskirts of Antananarivo, and was constructed with particular attention paid to avoid potential problems related to the settlement of the road foundation.

Project Outlines:
1) Employer; Ministry of Public Works
2) Fund: Government of Japan ( grant aide )
3) Site Location: Outskirts of Antananarivo, Madagascar
4) Specifications: Total L=15.2km, W=11.0m
5) Construction Time: September 2003 - December 2006
6) Work Volume:
  - Earthwork: Cut; 135,600m3, Fill; 868,857m3, Pre-loading; 112,240m3
  - Pavement: Subbase Course; 156,585m2, Base Course; 155,094m2,
                     Surface Course; t=50mm, Pavement; 138,355m2
  - Concrete Bridges; L=95.5m & 150.25m
7) Relocation of Railway: 1,245m
Road Alignment Surface Monitoring Soil Import Work
Geotextile Placement Bridge Girder Manufacturing Pavement Completed

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