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8 Sets of Iron-Mole in Full Operarion in the Taipei Underground
Geologically speaking, the Taipei Basin was a lake until 200,000 years ago. Historically, soil and boulders from 3 steep rivers had been transported into the lake forming the present basin. The underground conditions of the existing basin, is soft or sandy soils and includes many boulders.

To cope with Taipei's rapid development as a business and financial center in the region, the city authority has expedited effective use of under-ground facilities for public transportation, sewage/water supply systems, and conduit for power, gas and telecommunications.

Daiho's 8 sets of iron-mole or TBM are currently in full operation and transforming Taipei's underground while overcoming adverse geological conditions such as soft or sandy strata with boulders, also while protecting existing underground structures. At Section CK570H pictured below, two pairs of iron-moles are driving through a complex twisting alignment just under a congested area of Taipei which features housing and school buildings among other existing above ground constructed facilities

Project Outlines:
1. Section CK570D: Xinzhuang St. - Sanchong St. (Xinzhuang Line)
1)  Employer: Taipei County Government
2)  Site: Sanchong City - Xinzhuang City
3)  Specifications: Total Tunnel L=6,884m, ø=6,240mm (machine), ø=5,600mm (tunnel
4)  Const. Time: August 2001 - December 2008 including stations
5)  Nos. of TBM: 3 sets
6)  Overburden: 11.3m - 25.1m
Iron-Mole Fabricated at Factory Iron-Mole under Assembly Work at Site
2. Section CK570A: Zhong - Xinsheng St. - Dongmen St. (Xinzhuang Line)
1)  Employer: Taipei County Government
2)  Site: Taipei City
3)  Specifications: Total Subway Tunnel L=1,652m, ø=6,240mm (machine),
                        ø=5,600mm (tunnel inner)
4)  Const. Time: July 2002 - March 2007 including station
5)  Nos. of TBM: 2 sets
6)  Sharp Curve: R=210m
Preliminary Drive in Progress Completed Section
3. Section CK570H:
Subway Network Image in Taipei
  (1) Tungmen St. - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall St. (Hsin Yi Line)
  (2) Tungmen St. - Guting St. (Xinzhuang Line)
  (3) Tunnel Duct for Power, Gas & Telecommunication etc.
1)  Employer: Taipei County Government
2)  Site: Taipei City
3)  Specifications:
  a. Total Subway Tunnel L=5,059m (ø=6,240mm (machine), ø=5,600mm (tunnel
  b. Tunnel Duct L=813m (ø=5,560mm (machine), ø=5,400mm (tunnel inner))
4)  Const. Time: July 2003 - September 2008 including station
5)  Nos. of TBM: 3 sets
6)  Hsin Yi Line and Tunnel Duct are being excavated twisting each other.
Tunnel Alignment Plan Completed Section
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8 Sets of Iron-Mole in Full Operarion in the Taipei Underground
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