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Republic of Madagascar adopts the Port of Ehoala as the design of new banknotes
Daiho Corporation completed the construction of the port of Ehoala in July 2009 as a base for QMM titanium ore mining and shipping near Fort Dauphin in the southeastern part of the Republic of Madagascar. And recently, the banknotes of the Republic of Madagascar have been renewed, and the scenery of the port of Ehoala has been adopted as the design of the new banknotes.

The port of Ehoala was used for the design of the 10,000 Ariari banknotes issued in July 2017.

Our company have worked on a number of construction projects in Madagascar, including the construction of the Namorona Hydro-Electric Power Station in 1978, and have contributed to the stability of the country's social infrastructure for over 40 years. In addition, we have established the Daiho-Uchida Foundation to develop young human resources in Madagascar and provide scholarships to students studying civil engineering and architecture.

As above, it is a great honor for us that, in the country which is related to our company, the Port of Ehoala constructed by our company was used for the design of banknotes that reflects symbols of the country such as the culture or the history.
* Issued in July 2017 (10,000 Ariary)
* Issued in July 2017 (10,000 Ariary)
Construction overview
Project Name: Construction of the Port of Ehoara in the Integrated Growth Poles Area Ehoala Port
Ehoala Port
Construction site: Republic of Madagascar, near Fort Dauphin
Client: PORT d'EHOALA S.A.
Construction period: 12 October 2006 - 7 July 2009
Contract amount: about 15 billion yen
Main works: Berm breakwater: Length 525m (570,000m3)
Seawall: Water depth 17.4m
               Length 275m
               Water depth 8m Length
Channel dredging: 750,000m3
Rock quarry development: 940,000m3
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